Wednesday, 26 May 2010

TENS & Sports Injuries

TENS is a safe and non-invasive treatment modality that involves the application of a low-voltage electrical current to the skin to afford pain relief. Originally TENS was based on Melzack & Wall's 'Gate Theory of Pain' whereby stimulation of large peripheral nerves would block the danger signals from the smaller nerves that send danger signals to the spinal cord. We now understand far more about how TENS works including effects upon the central nervous system and the different chemicals that are released throughout the nervous system that underpin pain relief.

For both acute and chronic sports injuries TENS can play a role in relieving the painful symptoms. Of course when we injure ourselves it is completely normal for it to hurt on the basis that pain is a protective measure and a warning sign. However, to control the symptoms with TENS makes for greater comfort, facilitating normal movement and recovery. TENS has also been linked with promoting tissue healing which would be advantageous following a sports injury.

The settings on the TENS machine are important and therefore one should seek guidance on the most appropriate parameters and location for the pads following a sports injury.'

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